The Magic Compass is New Zealand’s free online listing directory and inspiration portal for conscious co-creators.  It aims to foster conscious community connection and collaborations that inspire us to look beyond what is and to explore what more is possible in all areas of our life. It also aims to provide an accessible platform to showcase New Zealand’s talents, capabilities and capacities as a way to celebrate and acknowledge who we all be.
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Our Vision

The Magic Compass seeks to be a local, national and global portal for inspired connections and collaborations that create greater for our explorers of consciousness. Through event and services listings as well as inspiring and sometimes stirring conversations, we intend to make the exploration easy and we intend to be the A to Z of what’s possible in all those arenas.

Reconnect to your creativity and refresh your sense of wonder

Become the navigator of your journey, take direction from the stars and reach out to the distant horizons. Nothing stands between you and your voyaging, for all you wish to be is set within your dream'
Barry Brailsford – Wisdom of the Four Winds

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Who Are We?

Yee Ley Lau founder of The Magic Compass
An explorer of consciousness and facilitator of possibilities. This platform is a gift to my fellow explorers and conscious co-creators. What contribution can I be to the change and choice you would like to see in the world?

Lara Shah co-creator of The Magic Compass
Lara is passionate about the human journey and dedicated to engendering unity among ALL. A natural translator, peacemaker and bridge between people, cultures and worlds, Lara is excited about what The Magic Compass can be for us all.

Avoca Design web design and hosts of The Magic Compass
We're dedicated to producing great work and simplifying busy lives. We love working with passionate people who help others, drive innovation and believe in the progress of the Common Great.

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