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Clearing Lost Souls, Entities And Curses

Clearing Lost Souls, Entities And Curses

Are you experiencing voices in your head that aren’t yours, or are you having contradicting negative and positive thoughts within yourself? Suicidal thoughts? Experiencing aggression that isn’t like you? Or are you having consistently bad luck?
Then it is very likely that that a lost soul or entity is with you or that a curse has been placed on you.
Shamanic Healing is the best way to help you with this.
Ivo & Lyn are modern shamanic healing practitioners and each have two decades of experience in clearing lost souls, entities and curses. They work together in the higher vibration of Source to resolve all with love and respect for all beings involved.

Possession most often happens to people who use drugs or are feeling unsafe, which causes them to be not fully present in the physical body.

Only one session is needed to clear a lost soul or entity.
In these cases a shamanic healing session is definitely life-changing, as you will be able again to start experiencing and being who you truly are.

Would (and have) recommended Lyn & Ivo to everyone I know, I received a remote shamanic healing from them both and I can physically, emotionally and energetically feel the difference. Immediately after my healing session I could feel all energy blockages removed from my chakra system that were manifesting as physical ailments so all physical pain I had previously dissolved. I feel more grounded and free, and I now know how to tune into my inner guidance as well as the guidance from my light team so I can further my souls progression on my souls divine journey.” – Yenna.


Remote Healing with Ivo & Lyn: $220
Modern Shamanic Healing Sessions with Ivo or Lyn in person are also available.
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More information about Involuntary Spirit Possession

According to our experiences as shamanic healing practitioners, a person can be possessed by a lost Soul or by an entity.
A lost Soul is a Soul which didn’t go to the light when a person passed over. This can be caused by, for example, unresolved business, sudden death like car accidents (the person doesn’t realize he/she passed over), suicide, fear of dying, family and friends holding on to the one who passed over. After a while these lost Souls become desperate for help. Often they try to get in touch with sensitive people or try to enter somebody’s body, which often leads to suicidal behaviour.
An entity can be created by fights, arguments, self-hate, etc. We create so much negativity and give it so much energy that the energy becomes an entity which can enter someone’s body (or be created within ourselves by for example self-hate). This can lead to self-harm, expression of extreme aggression and it can even result in mass murder.

The causes of Involuntary Spirit Possession

People who use drugs or over-use alcohol are more susceptible to involuntary Spirit possession. By using drugs or alcohol (or even by being drugged down by legal medicines), our Spirit escapes from the body into the lower spiritual realms and thus there is nobody ‘home’ in our body and a ‘seat’ is available. At the same time a connection to lower spiritual realms is created, which attracts lower vibrations. Susceptibility to involuntary Spirit possession can also be increased by the use of anti-depressants, because they cause us to escape from our body, so we don’t feel depressed. A weak male (protecting) side, often caused by bad relationship with the father figure, or severe power loss within yourself or your lineage can also cause a higher susceptibility. Ungrounded people, people who ‘don’t want to be ‘here’, people in coma and people with severe soul loss can also be more susceptible to involuntary Spirit possession.
It is also possible to create an entity within yourself by continuous self-hate or other negative thoughts about yourself, which can lead to self-harm, which is often done while the entity takes over and therefore the person is often not aware of causing self-harm till after it has happened and the result is visible.
Besides the types of possession mentioned before, it is also possible to be possessed by an entity created by a curse on you or one of your lineages. In cases where there is possession involved, it is recommended to book a shamanic healing session as soon as possible.

Symptoms of Involuntary Spirit Possession

Low in energy.
Often sick or unwell.
Suicidal thoughts (lost soul).
No spark in the eyes / dead, empty looking eyes.
Skin can appear grey / no colour (dead).
Every positive thought comes together with a negative thought.
Having thoughts that aren’t yours or are not like you.
Negative attitude.
Personality change and behaviour changes e.g. new cravings or beginning to smoke or drink suddenly / split personality symptoms.
Often problems in neck and chest or abdominal area.
Heavy shoulders.
Loss of will power.
Get angry very easily and the anger is very explosive and out of proportion (often feels unnatural to others).
Strange behaviour and occurrences such as accidents.

Note about possession:

Being possessed by a lost soul often causes the host to be aggressive inwards (suicidal), and being possessed by an entity often causes the host to become more aggressive outwards (hurting others). If the entity within you is created by self-hate, it can lead to self-harm, and when it takes over, it can lead to hurting yourself without being aware of it while doing it. It can also create circumstances to make you suffer.

What to do about Involuntary Spirit Possession

Once a person is possessed by a Spirit or entity, only some spiritual healing methods are guaranteed efficient. Based on our experiences a Modern Shamanic Healing is most efficient, because it takes care of all/everything involved in a harmonious way with respect and without judgement.

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