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Erin Joy Lewis

 What is Constellations?

In a Constellation session the work typically takes place in a group, with members seated in a circle

A simple introduction begins the group with the intention to centre and connect the circle. Once the connection is running a group member is chosen to address a personal issue. Other group members are asked to represent people in the person’s family system, or any other system like health, business, life goals, etc… Anything is possible…

When the selected group members agree and stand, the client positions each person in the open space of the circle.  This space is called the ‘Knowing Field.’

When all the representatives are positioned, the client returns to their seat to watch.  Representatives are asked to become open to whatever feelings, insistent thoughts or strong impulses become apparent, and then report or respond to their movements or inner experiences.  

There is no role-playing or acting, just direction from me, the facilitator, to follow the body’s experience. 

 When a vision of the distorted dynamics is discovered, I direct specific changes in the grouping to facilitate a clearing or a healing.

The goal is always to let love flow.

This looks easy – and it is a simple correction and connection. But don’t be fooled, as it is a deep soulful shift of consciousness and perception which will heal you, your ancestors, your extended family – sideways into siblings and their families, and downwards into future generations. 

Effects of the work is forever on-going as your perceptions change and your compassion grows, which releases others of their perceptions too.  There is no need for family members to be present, or to discuss the work with anyone.  Things ease and settle in the following days, weeks, months and years as things continue to unfold. 

What a blessing. 

Not only for you, but for your family, for your community, for your work space, for your country and for your world.

Areas of Expertise: Business & Professional, Collaboration, Community, Creativity, Earth Love
Skills: Ancestral Clearing, Author, Business Coach, Constellation Facilitator Trainer, Family Constellations, Life Coach, Meditation Teacher, Multi-generational Clearing, Professional Bi-cultural Supervision, Systemic Constellations, Yoga Teacher
Region: Bay of Plenty
Town/City: Whakatane
Willing travel to other centres: Yes
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