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Mayank – Wisdom of Meditation

I was a teacher by profession and then pursued a career in music. In 1986 I came to India to understand the source of sound through meditation at the International Meditation Institute ( I.M.I ).
I have practised Hatha Yoga throughout my years in India & I am a certified Soma-Yoga teacher. I teach Soma-Yoga and Fundamental Movement at I.M.I. I have also been awarded a Masters in Meditation and Yoga from Vishwa Unnyayan Samsad World Yoga Council, India.

I have found Soma-Yoga a great means to enable people to rewire their movement patterns that over time have limited their mobility and affected posture. This has led me to discover the emerging wave of primal movement science. I teach what I call Mayank’s Movement, to encourage those who may find the words ” yoga practice “a little threatening, to come & move in a non-threatening way.

My classes are strongly based on Hanna Somatics, a gentle, deep movement practice that restores sensory motor awareness to our body. I also specialise in teaching Fundamental Movement to explore how primal movements of the body relate to opening new pathways in the brain. Most often when we are in pain or lacking mobility, we are stuck in patterns of sensory motor amnesia. This can be changed through relearning our movement patterns to reawaken dampened neural connections between our brain and our body.

Along with Somatic Movement I have been greatly inspired by the Original Strength® human movement education company and MovNat®. Also the writings and teachings of Katy Bowman and her Nutritional Movement/Restorative Exercise brand.

And most recently I have been studying the new wave of cutting edge neuroscience that is exploring  the powerful benefits of training our vision, and other brain based exercises, that greatly impact our movement.

Areas of Expertise: Health & Wellbeing, Meditation, Mind Body Spirit, Music, Retreats, Workshops, Yoga
Skills: Body Work, Meditation, Somatic Movement, SomaYoga, Yoga
Region: Wellington
Town/City: Lower Hutt
Willing travel to other centres: Yes
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