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Michelle Edhouse – Access You

I have always thought of myself as a normal middle class girl with an engineering/mathematical brain, but I always knew there was more available than what I saw those around me choosing.

You could say I was always seeking. Meditation, palmistry, Amway and Avatar where just some of the places I looked to find what else may be possible.

When I heard about Access Consciousness and read what I could find online there was such a lightness about it I rang a facilitator and said “I want to do this class”. Since then my husband Glenn and I have done many of the Access Consciousness classes including the facilitator training.

The changes have been subtle in some areas but profound in others. This ease I have with my children now is something I could never have imagined possible.

I have used the tools and techniques in Access to open up possibilities in business (www.WWWebsites.co.nz) and creativity (www.McEArt.co.nz) by clearing out limitations and asking “what else is possible here?”

When I did my first Access class my facilitator heard that I had done computers at Uni and said ‘Oh you could build me a website then’. What about doing computers at Uni 12 years ago says I can build a website now? Ok lets put these tools to work.

Glenn and I use the tools of Access Consciousness daily in all areas of life and in all our relationships (especially ours and with our 2 children).

Would you prefer someone who knows the tools they teach or someone who has changed their whole life with them?

Are you like me and have always known there was more to life?
Are you looking for more?
Would you like to change something in your life?
I would love to offer the tools and techniques of Access Consciousness to open up infinite possibilities for you if you are willing to choose it.

Areas of Expertise: Education, Exploration, Mind Body Spirit, Personal Development, Retreats, Talks, Training, TV/Radio Shows, Workshops
Skills: Access Consciousness Bars, Body Work, Coaching, Energy Healing, Facilitator, Healing, Possibilitarian
Region: Bay of Plenty
Town/City: Rotorua
Willing travel to other centres: Yes
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