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Nicole Wijngaarden Coaching – Reducing Stress and Re-Kindling Relationships


Life can be a very tricky puzzle to figure out. Some of us may feel like we have it (mostly) figured out, while the vast majority of us move through life a bit more aimlessly.

Deep down we all have our own inner desires, goals and ambitions we see for ourselves. But making our inner vision match our outer reality can be one of the most difficult aspects about life. Then when you throw in the problems we have with our own personal relationships, our careers, family and our social lives…things can get pretty messy.

In your own life, you may be asking yourself one or more of these kinds of questions on a regular basis…

  • Why am I here and what is my purpose in life? What am I doing wrong?
  • Is this really all my relationship is ever going to offer me? Does it really make me happy?
  • I feel stuck and unhappy in my relationship, but what can I really do?
  • I feel like there’s got to be more to living than this? How can I find true happiness?
  • I’m tired of feeling unmotivated, uninspired and feeling run-over by life. What can I do?
  • Why am I so hard on myself? Why is the voice in my mind always so negative and against me?

Do any of these questions or thoughts float through your own awareness from time-to-time in your own life?

If they do, the good news is, you’re not alone. And the better news is, your own life is something that can be changed, re-shaped and moulded around the way you truly want to live and feel based on YOUR desires. You don’t have to feel guilty. You don’t have to feel deep levels of worry and anxiety.

There is a better way of living. The real trick is figuring out your own personal WHY and then, your HOW.

So, what’s the real secret to taking your life to the next level? I’m talking about the next level of living where anxiety can melt away, where you can feel truly loved and fulfilled, and most of all…feel more confident and in control of your own happiness?

Areas of Expertise: Business & Professional, Collaboration, Community, Education, Health & Wellbeing, Meditation, Mind Body Spirit, Personal Development, Retreats, Talks, Volunteering, Workshops
Skills: HeartMath Coach, Integrated Wellness Coach, Life Coach, mBIT Coach, Meditation Teacher, Relationship Coach
Region: Wellington
Town/City: Wellington
Willing travel to other centres: Yes
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