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Pauatahanui Healing Studio – Brent Stringer

My passion in life, is to help YOU become a better YOU, more in tune and connected to your higher self.

Over the last few years I have treated lots of different people from all different walks of life and different ages, also horses, dogs, cats, sheep and even some birds.

People ask “what is energy healing?”

In essence we (people and animals) are energy, it flows within us, around us and through us. Like anything that flows, it has the potential to get blocked therefore creating negative pockets that don’t support us.

These blocks can be created from illness, stress, fatigue, emotional and environmental pressures.

Energy healing is about balancing the energies within the body and around the body, addressing the full holistic picture of you or your animal, mind, body and soul.

I am trained as a Reiki Master. Reiki is an ancient hands on/ hands off gentle balance or energetic points within the body all of which are linked with our physical, mental and emotional fields. When these are out of alignment we experience the blocks (dis – ease) rather than the harmony which we are all capable of experiencing and totally deserve.

I further work on the energy field around the body which is kind of like your protection layer from the elements of everyday life. This is more of a spiritual energy balancing where I get guided to intuitively balance this energy field specifically for you.
During the session I get the client to lie on their back on the table and focus on their breathing, clothes are kept on with shoes off. In a traditional reiki session the practitioner would get you to turn over onto your front halfway through the session. I do not do this as I believe that this puts pressure on your third eye potentially creating a block and lessening your experience.

Energy sessions are also as beneficial as booking your car in for it’s quarterly or six monthly service, it doesn’t have to be broken to make it perform better.

I also help people with personal development, self confidence and self awareness using horses as the teachers.

Areas of Expertise: Health & Wellbeing, Meditation, Mind Body Spirit, Personal Development
Region: Wellington
Town/City: Porirua
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