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Shamanic Healing

Modern Shamanic Healing

A Modern Shamanic Healing session with Lyn is very powerful in that it focuses directly on the issues and areas that are fully and completely ready for healing and to be cleared from the highest Source at that time. This ensures the healing received comes through on the highest and deepest level possible. Lyn uses her clairvoyant gifts to ensure that the intentions for your healing are complete and fully in line with the healing that you need right now to move forward in your life.

Modern Shamanic Healing is a new higher vibrational form of the traditional shamanic healing. It is free from rituals and is done without the use of drumming, feathers or other animal parts. Modern Shamanic Healing continuously adapts to the raising vibration of the earth, bringing through a more powerful and extensive healing.

The Session with Lyn

Lyn’s Shamanic Healing  session takes approximately 4 – 5 hours, including the creating of the intention beforehand, and can be done remotely (worldwide) or in person.

It consists of the following three parts:

1. Setting the Intention

You (the client) write down and email, an explanation of all the aspects and areas that you are conscious of which have drawn you to having the healing. Lyn then uses her clairvoyant gifts for 1 – 1½ hours to tune in to Source directly and gain deeper insights as to what healing is ready to come through specifically for those issues as well as any other areas which are ready for you to be cleared, which you may not be already consciously aware of. From this information the intention is then created for your healing. Because the intention has come purely from Source, it is automatically energetically connected to you on a very deep personal soul level and will always come through in perfect Harmony with your Highest Divine Path.

2. The Healing

The healing session starts at 9:00am. Please let us know if you prefer a slightly earlier or later start time.
On the day of the Healing, you come to the clinic, (or remote healings will receive a phone call) and Lyn spends about 30 – 45 minutes going over the intention created for you and make any last minute adjustments. A connection is then made between you, your intention and the Highest Source Realm. This allows the highest form of Protection and Light to come through, forming an open and safe, nurturing space for the healing to come through in. The Shamanic Healing itself takes approximately 1½ hours. During this time you rest and may fall asleep. That is fine. During a remote healing, you will be invited to make yourself comfortable and rest at home while the healing is brought through for you.

3. The Sharing

What came through during the Shamanic Healing, is shared with you afterwards either in person or by phone, including any Spiritual Gifts, Messages or Guidance. The sharing takes about 1 – 1½ hour and is recorded. You will be emailed a copy of the recording in MP4 format.


Prices & Booking

Remote Healing with Lyn: $200
Healing in person with Lyn: $230

Add a Remote Rainbow Card Reading to your healing for $60 (Save $20)

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You can call Lyn at 027-2169369 to find out how a Modern Shamanic Healing session with Lyn can benefit you.

Additional information

The healing takes 2 to 3 days to integrate fully through all levels of the Etheric, Physical and Soul bodies. During these days it is recommended to plan as much rest time as possible around what you usually do. After the healing you will receive an email with more information on how you can best support the integration of your healing over the following 3 days.
The healing has unlimited and life changing potential.

A Modern Shamanic Healing is very powerful and helps to open up your future. A shamanic healing every 6 months is recommended for your on-going spiritual growth and to maintain a higher level of physical and energetic health and wellbeing.

About Lyn

Lyn has been facilitating readings and shamanic healing for many years, which came naturally through her during childhood. Lyn works with a team of Spiritual Guides. Each of the guides Lyn works with has specific qualities and comes forward depending on the qualities that are needed to bring the message across for the client. Lyn works with the vibrations of colour, a range of energetic crystals and positive angel and/or other types of cards to tune in to the highest Divine Path for her client. She always steps out in a shamanic way to ensure that her healings and readings are as pure as possible.
Lyn was a teacher for many years as well as spending time working as a Health Carer. She also worked for Customs NZ in Auckland and spent time in the New Zealand Fire Service. Lyn now combines all her experience and skills gained through life with her clairvoyant and healing gifts to work full time with Ivo in their spiritual business Inari Raphael Ltd. Their combined skills and Spiritual gifts brings a complete and balanced masculine & feminine quality to all their work. Lyn and Ivo have recently been guided through Source to bring in a New form of Shamanic Healing which involves them both working together through the balance of masculine and feminine to bring through healing from Source on the new higher vibration of The New Earth.
Lyn is also currently working together with her partner Ivo on creating a new Deck of Cards and book which has never been seen or worked with before. The new card deck and book will help pioneer the world into the transcendence to the higher dimension of the New Earth. You can visit our website to express your interest in this new deck and you will be kept informed about it.

Areas of Expertise: Education, Health & Wellbeing, Meditation, Mind Body Spirit, Personal Development, Workshops
Skills: Author, Earth Healing, Psychic readings, Shamanic Healing
Region: Auckland
Town/City: Tuakau
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