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Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing, is the worlds oldest healing technique, around 50,000 years old. thats before spoken language was recognised!

During the shamanic healing, I drop into an altered state of consciousness to provide healing and insight at the primal level of your soul. i tap into the essence that breathes life into all things. This Essence is accessible for guidance and healing to everyone, but i have dedicated my time and energy to learn this ancient healing art, and transfer to you, beautiful soul experiences that can change your life.

A Sacred Shamanic Healing can include but is not limited to:

Soul Retrieval 

Soul loss occurs as the result of trauma or shock. Soul loss is our natural survival mechanism in which part of us splits off to cushion the impact of the trauma and preserve parts of our personality or qualities. Often Soul parts don’t return because they are lost or they don’t know that it is safe to return. Some examples of experiences which may cause soul loss are: abuse, surgery, accidents, significant relationship loss.
Soul Retrieval brings back the lost soul parts and with that it restores the qualities and part of the personality which, by splitting off, have been prevented from experiencing the traumatic event. Therefore these Soul parts don’t hold memories of the trauma.
Some of the symptoms indicating Soul loss are: dissociation, feeling incomplete or not being fully present, difficulties connecting with ourselves or others, wanting to fill up the ‘holes’ with addictions.

Spirit Helper Retrieval
This helps to restore spiritual and personal power by retrieving Spirit helpers, guardians angels, power animals or a beneficial energy, waiting to become useful.
Some of the symptoms of Spiritual power loss are: chronic misfortune and bad luck, often accompanied by a sense of powerlessness.
I journey to reveal, bring back and introduce you to your inner guiding characters.

Extraction Healing
Spiritual intrusions arising from hostile thoughts, emotions, or acts sent consciously or unconsciously by our self or someone else, which then can be taken into our body. Because of their localized nature, intrusions tend to produce discomfort and pain.
During an extraction, the intrusion is located, removed and transmuted and the cleared space is filled as directed to optimize wellbeing.
Symptoms indicating the presence of intrusions are chronic areas of discomfort and dysfunction in the body.

Areas of Expertise: Health & Wellbeing, Mind Body Spirit, Personal Development, Soul Food
Region: Hawkes Bay
Town/City: Napier
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