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Shikhaa – Wisdom of Meditation

In 1985, Shikhaa travelled to the Himalayas of India and met an enlightened master, who lived the freedom that he spoke of. Since then, Shikhaa has been living in the Himalayas immersed in a yogic lifestyle of meditation and Self enquiry.

“Wisdom is not something that can be learned. Rather, wisdom is recognised from within as the voice of our knowing Self, and reveals a state of freedom and lasting fulfillment.” – Shikhaa

Shikhaa’s in-depth knowledge from the non-dual wisdom tradition, inspires all who join her spiritual discourses to unearth the most precious jewel of wisdom from within themselves. Her students find her satsang very relevant to their busy every-day lives. Her genuine passion sparks dynamic and illuminating interactions in her classes.

After meditating with Shikhaa, one is able to effortlessly and joyfully integrate meditation in their daily lives and witness the upliftment of their well-being.

Shikhaa has inspired a thriving Satsang Community around the world – on line and in person – to awaken our potential to be liberated from worry, fear, smallness, insecurity, and to live in freedom and love.


“At the edge of the known is the awakening of the Knower. Within our heart is the desire to be greater than we know ourselves to be. The gift of being human is our ability to enquire and so realise our complete Self, the unity of known and Knower.” – Shikhaa



Areas of Expertise: Health & Wellbeing, Meditation, Mind Body Spirit, Music, Personal Development, Retreats, Talks, Workshops
Skills: Advaita Teacher, Breathwork, Inner Development, Meditation, Meditation Teacher
Region: Wellington
Town/City: Wellington
Willing travel to other centres: Yes
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