Collaborate Creative Hubs

Exchange (aka XCHC) is a creative hub offering space to foster connectedness and collaboration so that we can develop our creative practices in a supportive community.

By exchanging ideas and connecting with others, we cultivate a creative ecology and create a safe and inclusive space for creative experimentation and development.

Cultivating a creative ecology

XCHC (Exchange Christchurch) is a for purpose business set up to benefit the community by providing a place for creative practitioners to develop their practice, share ideas and knowledge, and connect with other creative practitioners. It was established in the post earthquake context as a response to the loss of space to develop and showcase creative work, but also in recognition of the creative explosion that happened post earthquake and the intention to foster its growth by providing a place for people to come together to develop their ideas.

XCHC provides four unique yet connected areas: makerspace, showcase space, accommodation, and the cafe/bar. Their close proximity enables the casual exchange of knowledge between the creative disciplines. Additionally, by providing a place for creative practitioners to meet one another it lends to building a community of interest around the creative industries.

Currently in Christchurch (XCHC)
Soon Auckland (XAKL), Wellington (XWLG), and the world.

Get in touch if you think an Exchange is needed in your community.

027 828 3757
[email protected]

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