Pukerua Bay Community Gardens Volunteers Required

Community Garden Food Forest Project

Volunteers required to help with the preparation and planting of the food forest project. Can you contribute?

The community garden aims to be:

  • to be a permanent garden planned for longevity
  • to be a ecologolly sustainable system
  • aligned with permuculture and ethics and principles, and organic practices
  • to provide an educational resource
  • to engage the local community,  as a school resource and as a social venue
  • to be a potential portal for other local projects – e.g. artwork, sculpture, walkways
  • to provide a focus for value exchange or gift economy
  • to promote resiliance in community, food, water, and knowledge resources

This community garden is located in Pukerua Bay, Muri Road train station (Porirua, Wellington)

Volunteer activities range from: (July/August/September 2018)

  • Preparation of site for planting – e.g. digging of holes and mulching of trees
  • Planting trees (over 100 trees!)
  • Organisation of working bees
  • General input
  • and more!

Facebook Page: Pukerua Bay Community Garden
News: Pukerua Bay
Contact: Robert Oscroft ([email protected])

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