Kia Ora Koutou!

I’m Lara, a co-creator in all this fun. I am completely honoured to have been able to contribute whatever I did for the time I did. I joined The Magic Compass in at the very verrry early stages of creation. It made complete sense for me to do so, and then changes to my work commitments and schedule rather limited my contribution at the end stages. Hats off to Yee-Ley for seeing the project through with such dedication.

The Magic Compass took a much longer time to come into being than we thought it would and that was really perfect. Perfect because the project seemed to reflect what was happening for all of us, energetically. So if it wasn’t time for us to rebirth ourselves yet then it sure wasn’t time for The Magic Compass to be birthed either! Kinda funny how that happens, aye? And now that we all are finding ourselves at a new iteration of our being-ness…..TA DAA!!! The Magic Compass is here! Yay for all of us LOL!

My hope is that this tool somehow contributes to the further unification of peoples…locally, nationally, internationally. That is my great passion… connect, collaborate….and please have fun while you’re doing it!

Nga Mihi,

Lara Anuradha Shah