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Knowing Your Worth with Zoetic Dawn

Aug 14 - Oct 19


Self-Love, Self-Worth, Self-anything can be so hard some days.

The truth is,

We are all AUTHORS of OUR STORY.

But, it takes commitment, trust and innate sense of self to take OWNERSHIP of it.

Everyday we are faced with situations where our sense of self, and our sense of self-worth is challenged.

With people and their thoughts and expectations, situations where we are challenged, heck even our own self-limiting beliefs, make it hard to get behind our own story.

But we ARE the authors of our story, and we ARE the HERO we are looking for.

I believe that within everyone is the innate sense of knowing who we are.

I believe that anyone can smash through self-limiting beliefs that hold us back, allowing us to embrace all of who we are.

I believe we can shift our own belief structure to be in alignment with our true worth.

I believe we can make our connection with self the strongest connection we nourish.

I believe that despite the belief structures we have created, we can recreate our stories.

I believe we can release and rebuild knowing who we are and what we want.

I believe entirely and completely, that we own our stories, and it is time for us to embrace it.

Today is the day you make the commitment to self, to know your worth and to create your story.

How do I know this?

I know this, because I have rebuilt my sense of worth.

I know this, because despite bad days, I own my story.

I know this, because I believe it. I believe it because I have lived it.

So what do you get?

Knowing Your Worth is a 3 month online course.

Over the course of three months you will receive:

5 Module Workbooks
5 Online Sessions
Access to the Know Your Worth Facebook Group
Challenges and Meditations along the way
A kick ass group of people who share and experience with you
AND If you sign up and pay before August 3rd 2018 you will receive 1 x half hour vid chat with me before or during the programme, to realign, refocus and support you.

Investment: $250.00

Payment Plans Available

We START 14th August 2018!

Email jaime@zoeticdawn.com for more information.

To Celebrate I am kicking things off with a One Hour Session focused on Creating Your Story! Strategies I use to realign me with my purpose. Join us in the Zoetic Dawn Inner Circle here!

The Free One Hour Session kicks off at 8:00 PM NZT on Tuesday 24th of July 2018.


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