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Womens Wellness Weekend in Napier

7 Apr, 2018 - 8 Apr, 2018

$20 – $140


I am very excited to sharesome workshops in Napier about Womens Health!

On Saturday April 7th we are opening with a Qoya class (dance and yoga for women) Making Magic! the prices is $20 from 9 till 11

Then sharing about Gift of menstruation From 2 till 5
Connecting with my menstrual cycle really transformed my life in a wonderful way and I am very happy to share this workshop with you and learn about our different phases in a cycle, how we can support our cyle
flower essences, nutrition, herbs, aromatherapy, rituals, ancient knowledge, yoga and movement and the use of yoni eggs.
We talk about the different alternatives to use while bleeding and share about connection to our bodies.

Breast Care from 9 till 12 April 8th
This workshop is a reverential exploration of the powerfully magical sensory powerhouses that surround a woman’s heart – her breasts.

Our breast are totally connected with our whole health in many aspects and its extremely important, that we as women, connect and learn about our bodies!

The physical importance of caring for the breasts will be
experienced through self-massage, aromatherapy, nutrition, flower essences, yoga, dance and more.

The profound energetic and physiological connection between our
breasts and our own unique experience and expression of our feminine sexuality will also be made space for on this beautiful evening.

In this workshop we are integrating movement as well! dance and yoga for the breast

Natural Gynecology from 2 till 5pm Sunday  April 8th
Natural gynecology is a compilation of different ways to connect to our bodies in a natural way. Honoring traditions, women I met while travelling and my own experience, I share with deep honor this workshop.

We will talk about relationship with our bodies and the earth and working with the breath, massage, steam, nutrition and medicinal
plants for womb, ovarian and vaginal health. In particular, this evening will focus on supportive approaches to hormonal health, libido, cleansing and restoration of the microbiome in the female body.


Wellness Sanctuary
Where: 32A Main Street
Napier, Hawkes Bay 4110 New Zealand