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Insights, tools and inspirations from various wisdom keepers across the lands to assist other explorers of consciousness on their journey. What inspiration can you offer for those that wander the earth?

'The compass can guide you, but it cannot take you there' ~ unknown

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Inspire Me: Creative Edge

Explore the creative edges of you In all areas of your life - What you eat, how you move, what...

Inspire Me: Go Beyond

Inspire yourself beyond what is Are you ready to be comfortable with uncomfortable? What choice can you make that takes...

Inspire Me: Collaborate

Connect and collaborate What happens when you connect with other adepts of the world to explore what's possible? What if...

Inspire Me: Quote


Inspire Me: Creativity

What can you create? Creativity does not necessarily mean you have to be an artist or a musician. What if...
Being in Beauty

Inspire Me: Adept Quote

Adept: Pete Bengry To get your inspiring words published on The Magic Compass connect with us

Inspire Me: Inner Compass

Inner Compass Can you hear the voice within? Is it calling you? Inviting you to choose something different? To create...
Caitlin Dugan

Inspire Me: Adept Quote

Adept: Caitlin Dugan  To get your quote published on The Magic Compass connect with us

Inspire Me: Reality Shake

Shifting Paradigms Are you ready to reality shake your life into a whole new way of being? . What is...

Inspire Me: Connect

Personal Development workshops & events

Welcome Note from Lara A Shah

Kia Ora Koutou! I'm Lara, a co-creator in all this fun. I am completely honoured to have been able to...
Inspire Me

Are You Using Comfortable Distance To Limit You?

Michelle Edhouse and special guest Cory Michelle Are you keeping money, friends, enemies, love and everything else at arms...

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