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Ideas and conversations that invite you to explore what else is possible in this world. This part of the portal contains articles from thought leaders and way-showers, that aim to inspire and empower by offering a different point of view in the world. Here, we also acknowledge local upcoming talent or projects that are a contribution to our New Zealand community as well as feature insights and tools from various wisdom keepers to assist others on their journey of self-exploration.

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The adept

The Adept

The Adept You may have seen this category on The Magic Compass and wondering what that is all about? During the...

Explore: An invitation to…

Happy Mouth Basics™ Class - NZ Tour 2018 What is generative energetic dentistry? Come join us as we chat with...
Personal Development workshops & events

Welcome Note from Lara A Shah

Kia Ora Koutou! I'm Lara, a co-creator in all this fun. I am completely honoured to have been able to...
Compass 1

Welcome Note from the Founder

Well here it is! The Magic Compass....ta da!!! A project that had been brewing for a few years has now...
Inspire Me

Are You Using Comfortable Distance To Limit You?

Michelle Edhouse and special guest Cory Michelle Are you keeping money, friends, enemies, love and everything else at arms...
33 Kereru

The Oracle: 33 Wood Pigeon – Kereru

Authors and creators of NZ's oracle cards have been approached and invited to select a card or cards for the...

Embracing Change

Ah, CHANGE... that 6 letter word we both love and hate. And since 2017 is a year of new beginnings,...

Love breaks the cycle

"What we do unto others we do unto ourselves. Pain given is pain received. We are bound to each other....

Spotlight: YYMD

Fostering community connections One lady, one vision - connecting the community You Made My Day (YYMD) is a Facebook group...
How Does it

Tool Tip: Ask a question

Ask this question everyday  'How does it get any better than this?' and the Universe will gladly show you This...


The Oracle of Aotearoa Speaks “With freedom of spirit your heart is content Remain in harmony with the flow of...

Conscious Creation

Contributor: Yee Ley Lau

Conversations that Stir

Articles from thought leaders, innovators, way-showers, path-finders Conversations that stir are articles from thought leaders, innovators, way-showers, path-finders and the likes that offer...

Calling all Communitarians

Do you thrive on bringing people together? Are you a project leader and looking for contributions? Do you have an...

Content Contributions

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