Create an adept profile listing for your services

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    As a registered user you can now create your own profile showing what you are adept at.

    Simply go to your Dashboard after you have logged in and on the quick links, select My Adepts.

    Select the Add New button to create a new Adept Profile and start filling in the details.  The short description will appear on the Adepts listing and the full description will appear when someone clicks on your profile.

    The skills section is where you can really plug in the keywords that tell us where you shine!  What are you adept at? If your skill is not listed, you can add more just by clicking on the ‘+’ button.  This will help with adding to our database and really showcasing what New Zealand has to offer!

    Once you are ready, you can either save the profile or publish the profile for it to be listed onto The Magic Compass so people can find you.

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