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    Creating recurring events that have set patterns can be created with ease. Examples of set patterns are daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, every nth day, every nth week etc

    For any pattern of events you have, make sure you have entered the first date and time in your pattern to start from.

    e.g. A yoga class that starts Monday 5th June, 8.30-9.30am repeats every week for 9

    In The Events Calendar section of your event you have created:

    Step 1. Select the start date, start time and end date and end time in Time & Date section

    Step 2. Click on ‘Schedule multiple events’ in the event series section

    Step 3. Click ‘Weekly’ (in this example)

    Step 4. Leave ‘Every week at 1’ for a once a weekly pattern
    Step 5. Click on M for Monday
    Step 6. Leave ‘at the same time’
    Step 7. Select series end on 31/7/2017

    You have now created a recurring event. To create different patterns with the same event click on Add more events ( see Create more than 1 type of recurring event)

    If there is a break in the pattern e.g. a public holiday see recurring event with exclusions


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