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    As a platform for conscious co-creators, we would love to share what expansive insights you have that will can inspire others on their journey of exploration.

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    Conversations that Stir

    Inspiring original content in any area that is in keeping with TMC ethos. Your article will be linked to your profile on TMC


    • Must be original content
    • At least 300 words
    • Must have registered TMC profile
    • Featured Images/photos (Optional) at least 1000 pixels wide

    Spotlight Focus

    About the community created by the community. Who would you like to acknowledge for their contribution to New Zealand?


    • Must be about someone else
    • Original content (words/pictures/videos)
    • Have a TMC profile
    • Images/photos (optional) at least 1000 pixels wide
    • Video format accepted (MOV. .MPEG4MP4. .AVI. .WMV. .MPEGPS. .FLV. 3GPP)
    • Videos will be uploaded onto the TMC YOUTUBE channel (Launch date TBC)

    Inspire Me

    Do you have inspiring tools tips, quotes or oracle cards you wish to share with our Magic Compass explorers out there?


    • Must be original content
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    • Any images featured must be at least 900 pixels wide

    For tooltips

    • At least 300 words

    For inspiring quotes

    • State source of quote and supply as image file if possible. Or else we will convert the quote into an image

    Oracle cards

    • You are the author of the oracle cards
    • Provide clear image of your card
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