Removing your venue listing

Removing your venue listing

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    If there is a need to hide, remove, or un-publish your listing for any reason, there are several ways you can achieve this.

    1) Remove from venue listings

    By selecting the ‘No’ in the ‘Show this venue in the venue list’  option which can be found below the venue full description will exclude your venue from the listings and search results

    The address will still appear though on any related events

    2) Hide venue address

    Checking this tickbox will hide the venue address which is ideal if you have a private function and/or residential address you wish to remain private

    3) Change status of listing to draft
    This will also remove your listing from any search results.

    4) Delete listing completely
    You can delete a listing from your dashboard view. Click on Venues to bring up your listing(s). Check the listing and from the drop-down menu below this, select ‘Move to Trash’ and click Apply to remove the listing.

    Please note you can only remove venues you have created.

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