Welcome Note from the Founder

Well here it is!

The Magic Compass….ta da!!!

A project that had been brewing for a few years has now come into being.

Kia Ora, my name is Yee Ley I’m the founder of The Magic Compass, and this is my gift to the people of New Zealand. The Magic Compass is a free listings directory and inspiration portal for conscious co-creators.

Gosh it’s taken me a few goes to write the welcome blog as so much has happened during this development of this project. So here goes…


The Spark

Well the magic compass came about based on a few observations and conversations whilst I was travelling around NZ back in 2013-14.

‘Where do you hear about these events?’

‘I keep missing out on the good stuff.’

‘Oh it would be good if all the spiritual events were in once place.’

So that was the start of the idea of accessible information that was in one place and also free to use. It was to be a listings directory of mind, body & spirit events and at the time of conversation, mainly for the Hawkes Bay region.

As time went on and a few questions later…it was becoming more obvious that the service and coverage was going to be a much bigger than what was originally thought.

Things were changing rapidly in the so called mind, body and spirit world, and it seemed that the whole genre was ready to be given a makeover and made more accessible to a wider audience. More people were asking more questions and appeared ready to explore further and deeper into their consciousness to adventure into what else is possible…. to bring through lighter and groovier paradigms that co-exist in this weirdiverse of ours.

People are ready to create beyond what is, and explore what else in all areas of life, not only in health and wellness, but also the way we do business, schooling, farming, building, living, collaborating, communities and so on.  People are breaking through their own paradigms and roles that they have chosen and now creating new roles. We are seeing an alchemical fusion of adepts being borne. From the imagineers, innerprenuers, peaceful warriors, to the possibilitarians, soul strategists and benevolent capitalists and of course those that are about to embark on their journey into unknown.


People know that more IS possible



Throughout my own journey as the explorer of consciousness, I seem to easily rendezvous with people that have a similar outlook in life. They look to connect, collaborate and co-create a different possibility for the world, however big or small that world is. And the YOUniverse keeps providing me with amazing people and resources to play with. How does it get any better than that?

The connections and synchronicities sped up in my life during the last few years as I continued to listen to my own inner compass which brought through the appropriate contributors at the ripe moments.

Along came Avoca Design into my world who I met through another project I was working on for a well known author and international speaker. They were the perfect fit for the project. Then along came Lara, a former journalist and editor, who joined with me in this creative adventure for a time.

So off we went through the project scoping and development cycles. Allowing the impulses of the creative flow to guide us.  A few tweaks and radical design turnabouts later, it was ready to fly.  I am grateful for Avoca Design for flowing with this process and making it possible.

I wonder who else will show up with ease that can contribute to The Magic Compass?


The name

Ah the name. Yes.

That went through a few iterations before the development started. The sentiment behind the name is any being exploring one’s inner guidance to dare themselves to go beyond what they know and consciously create their life.

The Magic Compass for me sums that up

Magic – that which evokes a sensation or feeling of excitement; having exceptional skill or talent; being able to influence or change events ‘as if by magic’

Compass – referring to our own inner compass we know that can guide us through life using the tools available to us

For those that wanted to know, the other names that were on the short list included…Labyrinth, Path Finder, Wisdom Seeker, The Explorer, The Golden Light and there were a lot more.


Free to fly

The Magic Compass required to be ad free, clutter free, and well free to use!  I asked what the money wanted to create, and this is what it created. This was a big choice for me and indeed it bought up some sweaty palm moments for sure. But my inner compass tells me that this platform will be a great contribution to me and the people of New Zealand. How? Well, indeed I wonder how?!

So, that leaves it up to you. What contribution can The Magic Compass be to you and you to it? Are you ready to show up and be seen and heard? Do you have something to share that will inspire other explorers out there?  Who or what do you want to acknowledge that has inspired you in your life?


Dare you go beyond the creative edges of what you know?

Yee Ley

Founder of The Magic Compass

‘Become the navigator of your journey, take direction from the stars and reach out to the distant horizons. Nothing stands between you and your voyaging, for all you wish to be is set within your dream’ Barry Brailsford – Wisom of the Four Winds