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The Secret Weapon Against Ear Infections.

It’s getting to that time of year again and if you have young children you either have already dealt with an ear infection or you will be dealing with it. Some of you parents deal with them on a fairly regular basis, even….It’s just that common and it’s often chronic.

Signs of an ear infection can vary. Symptoms can include head congestion, fever and chills, earache or the sensation that one or both ears are “blocked”, poor appetite, vomiting, and in the case of toddlers – being extra fussy and clingy is not unusual. If the child is too young to speak they may tug at their ears often, have trouble balancing and sleeping. The list can go on so when signs of a possible ear infection show, by all means, go see your GP to be certain. 

However, before you give your child those antibiotics which the GP will most certainly prescribe, try this simple natural remedy guaranteed to start bringing some relief almost immediately and will normally eradicate the infection in just 24 to 48 hours. 

What IS this magical remedy you ask?  Ok, here it is…..the secret weapon: Coconut Oil. That’s right, simple coconut oil can knock that infection out of your child, or you for that matter – adults are not immune to ear infections! I just had one and I’m 48 years old. Go figure! Coconut oil has powerful antimicrobial and anti-viral properties and can truly work wonders with none of the nasty side effects of antibiotics.

Coconut Oil

Make sure you have a dropper and a tsp of coconut oil. Warm the oil – it has to be warm just not hot! If it is hot then it will be very painful. Have the child lay on his/her side so gravity can assist the process. Using the dropper place one drop of warm oil directly down one ear canal and then the other. Repeat performance every 2 hours the first day, and about every 4 hours the 2nd day. While that may be all that is needed, it certainly won’t harm to continue a third day just to be sure. 

There is, and I say this from experience, possibly only one drawback to this amazing treatment – your child may or may not be absolutely thrilled about having oil put in their ears. To this I say – Lollies!! I had to use the lolly bribe the first couple times but then didn’t need to after that so….all things are possible, really!

An important thing to keep in mind is that the cause of ear infections, particularly chronic ones, lies in the digestive system. How on earth has one’s digestion got anything to do with one’s ears, you say? Ah, well, everything is connected….everything! ( and most definitely in the body…..remember that song? The knee bone connected to the….) Anyway! Yes, if a child has chronic ear infections then their digestive system is crying for help. 

While there is no “one size fits all” solution – because all bodies are different with different needs – it is quite likely food intolerance is playing a part and so a food elimination diet is highly recommended in this case. Eliminating gluten, dairy and processed sugar would be where to start. I know – what’s my child going to eat?? Right? Taking those things away can be challenging at the beginning but believe me, as long as you as a parent are willing to be creative, then a new normal can and will get established. 

Beyond that, I specialise in individualised custom treatment plans for a variety of health issues, including chronic ones. With 20 years of experience in the health and wellness field, I have worked with many parents and children and I am available to assist you, should you feel that you could benefit from some experienced guidance. I can be contacted through my adept profile 

Wishing you and your family a healthy Autumn season,


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